carbon potential controller

MAXWELL Automatic Carbon Potential Control System with Oxygen Probe controls the following

  • Carrier gas start up temperature set point.
  • Hi—set C-Potential (carburizing stage).
  • Lo—set C-Potential (carburizing stage).
  • Carburizing Potential (carburizing stage).
    (Mid-Control to control C-Pot in the furnace)
  • Carburizing temperature set point.
  • Carburizing time
  • Hi—set C-Potential (diffusion stage).
  • Lo—set C-Potential (diffusion stage).
  • Diffusion potential
    (mid-control to control C-Pot during diffusion stage in the furnace).
  • Diffusion temperature set point.
  • Diffusion time.
  • Enriching gas entry temperature set point.
    (carburizing / diffusion)
  • ON and OFF time of mid-control solenoid
    (time proportionate)
  • ON and OFF time of furnace temperature control.

Data storage and recall by a TWO-DIGIT code for up to 100 typical cycles, so that a process can be
commenced by a simple 2-digit command.

Password protection to prevent unauthorized usage or tampering

Fully automatic programmable carbon potential controller
  • Maxwell carbon potential controller is a programmable controller having 29 cycles for continous process control. It controls the heating of the furnace as well as the carbon potential content inside the furnace so that the user gets flawless end product.
  • Once the program is fed in the system by the user, the system completes the process and gives alarm at the end of process.
  • The salient feature is the large display which shows the temperature, process time and current carbon potential in the furnace.