Thermocouple Tips

Expendable thermocouples used to measure temperature of molten metal in Induction Furnaces, ARC Furnaces, Ladle Furnaces, AOD, VD and continuous Casters in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Industry. The Thermocouple Tips are made from high accuracy T/C elements, of leading international manufacturers. These conform to ITS 90 Standards. These Thermocouple Tips enable multiple measurement of Temperature.

Maxwell Tips is a reputable thermocouple tip manufacturer based in (India) fridabad, Kolkata and Punjab, known for producing high-quality thermocouple tips. Their products are designed to meet the precise temperature measurement needs of various industries, ensuring accuracy and reliability in challenging environments. Maxwell Tips’ bmd thermocouple tips are trusted by businesses in Faridabad, Kolkata and Punjab, and beyond, making them a go-to choice for temperature sensing solutions.

Thermocouple tips type: R, S, B

The thermocouple tips are made from high accuracy T/C elements from leading international manufacturers. These conform to ITS 90 standards.

  • MARK III I.D 28.2
  • MARK IV I.D 18
  • MARK V I.D 23.5
  • MARK VI I.D 18
  • MARK VII I.D 18 (ABS)

1. Accurate temperature measurement of Molten Metal with tips made from high accuracy thermocouple wires.

2. Energy charges reduced Improved quality of finished products

3. Tapping temperature controlled within the close range

4. Reduced cost per reading

5. The thermocouple tips are available with anti-splash/ fireproof protection for ‘safe’ measurement of temperature.

Minitips/expendable/disposible thermocouple tips

Thermocouple Tips Fitted With Paper Tube Length From 300mm To 1800mm

  • Mark iii i.D 28.2
  • Mark iv i.D 18
  • Mark v i.D 23.5
  • Mark vi i.D 18
  • Mark vii i.D 18 (ceramic)
  • Mark vii i.D 18 (abs)

Lollipop samplers
  • They come with paper tube length from 600mm to 1200mm
  • Samplers are manufactured in single and double thick types.
  • Single thick sampler has disc thickness of 12mm & double thick sampler have disc thickness of 12mm & 4mm
  • The size of sample will be in the range of 32mm & 45mm
  • These samplers are available with de-oxidants of aluminium, titanium or zirconium & also without any de-oxidant.
BMD Thermocouple tips
  • These are big multi dip thermocouple tips used in small furnaces to measure multiple temperatures, hence being cost effective.
  • These come with ceramic body which protects the thermocouple inside.
  • All the readings are very accurate.

MRT Thermocouple Tips
  • These thermocouple tips are for multiple readings. In this the thermocouple is fitted with heat proof paper tube of 300mm lenth.
  • The user can take multiple reading each giving accurate result.
Thermocouple (sheath ss 310/inconel/hrs446)ium & also without any de-oxidant.

Thermocouples are most common, convenient & versatile devices used to measure temperature. They are used in industries, power plants, metal melting furnaces, salt baths, industrial process control, laboratories & numerous other applications as sensing devices for measurement, control & recording of temperature from -200 deg c to 1800 deg c.

  • Straight type
  • Angle type
Mi thermocouples & rtds

Mineral insulated thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors (with/without thermowell) comprise a metal sheath in which the thermoelectric elements/rtd element with conductors are embedded in highly compressed magnesium oxide insulation, thus providing the elements complete protection against oxidation and corrosion.

  • High integrity construction suited to ardors operating conditions
  • High accuracy & stability maintained throughout operating life
  • Fast response and high insulation resistance
  • Excellent shock and vibration-resistance